Orders Update Blog
(Written in 2013 after my stint on The Dragons' Den...

Perhaps you've ordered a Solar Meditation Bow... (and now you're wondering when you're going to receive it)?  (Will you receive it?)  (How long will it take?)  (Is it ever going to get here?)  (Why is it taking so long?)  (Can't it happen any quicker?)  (Is this a scam or am I really going to get one?) 

All of the above questions could be racing through your mind at any time and be legitimate concerns.  It is my job as the creator of "The Solar Meditation Bow" to assure you it is coming and I will hurdle anything in my way to make sure it gets to you!

Recently I've faced a number of healing issues such as a broken left hand, a bout with a resurgance of diverticulitis and just this week, a bad cold on top of that.  However, I will not let anything stand in my way to make sure I get the orders I have received off to anybody who has ordered one.  The only thing I can't control is time.  It might take a little longer the more I am bombarded by one healing crisis after another but as soon as I am healthy and able to work again or increase the amount of hours I can work with a broken hand, I will!

I have already mailed a few orders off and am working on another batch of Solar Meditation Bows I hope to finish before Xmas.  Sorry for the delay if it seems it's taken a while.  In the future I plan to have stock on hand so things like this won't happen to me anymore.  The breaking of my left hand was an unplanned-for-event which should not have happened that has cost me a great deal (as well as suffering).

Thank you for your understanding.


Paul Beckman (aka Palu Rainbow Song) 


A New Year Has Started...

Welcome 2014 and now 2015!

If you ordered a Solar Meditation Bow in 2013, the Order Update Blog has stopped.  The year 2014 is now at hand, so those who ordered Solar MeditationBows in 2013 after the airing of "The Dragons' Den" must now go to the Update Order Blog for 2014.   The year 2015 is now at hand, so I have deleted the order data for 2013 and 2014 as of January 31, 2015.  For the most part, only 2015 order data is now currently available.  Update: As of 2016, I have now deleted the order data of 2015 and have not posted any further order data here.

Please click the appropriate link for an update on orders if you ordered your Solar Meditation Bow in 2013, 2014, 2015:

(UPDATE: Such links and data no longer exist)

Thank you for the Solar Meditation Bow orders I received from 2013 - 2016.  Since  these years have come and gone at this time, I have now deleted all previous order data I used to display.  

Welcome to the year 2017!  I have not updated this website for some time and will use this page to mention I will not display orders anymore on this website.  

However, as of March 8, 2017.. I am currently breathing new life into it.  Starting on this date, I am instituting several "Avatar Characters" to help me make this website "come alive!"  They will be communicating with you on a spoken level.  Some might be 2D, others 3D and there might even be some real human beings lending their say here and there plus videos of my own... all helping to make this a pleasant Website Experience for each visitor!

If you are interested in this technology (the first of its kind in the world which even works on cell phones, tablets, iPods, Apple devices and androids as well as PC's, desktops, laptops and the like.... please go to CharacterPals.ca or click the link the avatar will tell you about now.