Palu's Affiliate Programs

"Palu's Affiliate Programs" is is a 2 pronged approach.  The first is about Palu as an affiliate of other websites he is partnering up with to help promote what they have to offer and do (which benefits Palu in the end if traffic from this website purchases any of their products or sevices).  In a sense this also helps form and create community in this world by linking different people, companies, busniesses and the goods people enjoy together.

The 2nd  pronged approach is the development of Palu's own affiliate program where anyone interested in helping market any of the goods or services that Palu offers on this website can take part.  This may have to do with re-selling Palu's hard (physical) goods he makes or promoting any of Palu's E-Commerce digital goods Palu is branching into more as time goes on.

In either case, whether it is Palu as an affiliate for other entities, or welcoming you to become an affiliate as well like Palu is learning to do (regarding the same) or creating affiliates for the crafts and services Palu offers on this website and others... the motive is the same.

We are all making attempts to branch out in our lives as times change to help cut each of us an "edge" in the up and coming markets, in the expansion of various $ streams that can help us exist in this world and in the receiving of better deals perhaps because one has become an affiliate for which discounts are often given.  Does that not sound good?

It's only been recently that this website was created and its development is fast evolving.  The promotion of affiliate sales and encouraging others to affiliate with Palu like he is doing, is destined to help anyone and make them a little more well off than before.  If this were not the case, then there would be no affiliate page on but since this is likely to promote right-livelihood both for Palu and anyone who becomes an affiliate through him of various other affiliate programs, etc. - then this becomes an experiment in new social trends for the highest good of all concerned.

Palu is phasing into the acquiesence and selling of digital goods on line while moving away from exclusive promotion and selling of hard, physical goods he makes himself.  At this stage, hard goods or (physical products) must be shipped and that's the cunundrum because shipping anything with weight eventually entails more and more expensive shipping costs.  This can make or break inspired entrepeneurs.

*(Hence the phrase at the start of this paragraph, "phasing into the acquiesence and selling of digital goods..." : ac·qui·es·cence = ˌakwēˈesəns/nounnoun: acquiescence; plural noun: acquiescences1. the reluctant acceptance of something without protest.")

What might have been possible 2 decades ago to do (shipping goods and making a profit), is no longer profitable anymore but causes a person to go broke because of the exhorbitant amount of money shipping and handling costs entail today... which are expected to rise drastically higher this year as more and more mail carriers are let go of! 

This is not to say that Palu will stop completely offering the crafts he makes for sale that can be shipped to where you live.  So far Palu has only offered one of his crafts, "The Solar Meditation Bow."  Orders flooded in after his presence on "The Dragons' Den." 

Yet Palu has many other different kinds of crafts he makes he's always wanted to offer to the world.  Just when he thought it was possible, he's learned the awful truth about shipping costs.  In fact, Palu is like a complete store unto himself of the crafts he makes and creates. 

That was the main reason for making this website; they could all be added to it!  This is why Palu Rainbow Song is about to become a "brand."  The changeover and switch happens to be in not getting caught up shipping what he creates, otherwise Palu could go "belly-up!" 

A person rarely really get's what they want for a thing they sell and if that's true with shipping charges attached, they get even less!  That doesn't always have to be the case, but most of the time it is, unfortunately. 

That's why although being offered, the emphasis is going to actually be  to invite consumers to visit Palu and buy his physical products personally from him, such as at The Satruday Market which occurs during the summer season for example.  Or to encourage others to become an affiliate and re-sell Palu's crafts along with their own business after buying or getting them from Palu on Salt Spring Island.  In this way someone would become an affiliate of Palu's as well. 

New amongst Palu's crafts are his digital E-Goods, formulating Palu's "E-Commerce" that will largely consist of his songs he creates, Digital E-Books, Digital Audio-Books and possible software down the road, etc.that will be downloadable for a given price.  A certain amount of songs may be available on CD as well as videos or song videos on DVD. 

The harmony and conflict between the selling of digital goods versus hard (physical) goods is always going to result in "no shipping costs" versus "shipping and handling fees."  Palu will still try to offer both while phasing out of the latter.  Palu will never phase out completely though... just switch the emphasis, that's all.

Think of this as an "E-Commerce" University where you will discover the many kinds of E-goods Palu is making and the many types of physical, hard goods Palu makes that you also might be able to re-sell or put buyers in touch for Palu.  Likewise, you may find yourself wanting to become an affiliate of the various other websites, companies and businesses Palu is quickly learning how to become a partner of or an affiliate as well. 

The learning curve is just beginning and is likely to take foot like "lightening fire!"  

On January 1, 2014... Palu put a song up for sale as his first digital e-goods product.  As the first test experiment, this digital e-goods product (the song) is downloadable for a dollar from  Payloadz. 

Payloadz affiliates (as an example) or any other up and coming affiliates are welcome to help sell any of Palu's digital e-goods and hard goods Palu creates.  The exact way this works is still being worked out and the entire process is an unfoldment at this time. 

Check back later to find out exactly how this is being formulated and worked out. 

Until then, check out the affiliate links below and what is being offered..

Palu's E-Goods Products

Here is an example of Palu's very first "E-Goods product." 

January 1, 2014 = (SONG)_12-31-13)_'There's No True Benefit From Overworrying' MP3

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