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Contacting Palu is really quite easy to do.  Go down the page and fill out the required information in the form below.  When that is done, you can provide any other message for Palu in the last submission box at the bottom of the form.

Your message at the end can be very short or extensive.   It really doesn't matter.  The important thing is that your contact message will reach Palu once you press the submit button and your message is sent to him.  

Once received, Palu will look at any messages that accompany the contact information so he can get back to you.  Once you have filled out the required contact information and sent your message, your job is done.

Palu will try to get back in touch with you in an appropriate amount of time as quickly as possible.  If the volume of messages is high, it could take up to 2-3 days for Palu to get back to you.

Contacting others in this world is essential if we are to communicate our ideas to one another and move on from there.  Without contact and without communication we would not have the world we have today.

Palu looks forward to communicating with you and sharing friendly comments in this world with one another.  

Feedback is also important and Palu is willing to accept criticism if there is something you are unhappy with.  If possible, Palu will work to rectify whatever it is that is troubling you.  

If one of your concerns has to do with this website or a business transaction, Palu is willing to look at alternatives until everybody is happy.  That's what contacting Palu is for!

Another place you may voice questions or feedback is on the PayPal Buy Button.  

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