Sadhana (Spiritual-Practices)

Sadhana (Spiritual-Practices) are simply routines devised to help bring about better physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  Although the result of better physical, emotional and mental health can be noticed when compared with their counterpart or opposite, nevertheless that which is considered "spiritual" has no true, objective, outward bar of observation at all by which it can be gaged. 

The only thing that comes close is an overall subjective and intuitive sense within each person that only she or he can gage.  That which is truly "spiritual" can only rest in all abiding TRUTH, honesty and embedded with LOVE.  As such, IT MUST BE CONNECTED TO THE REAL, the "Higher Power" known as the soul, God, SELF, Jah, The Witness Self or Hidden Observer, etc.  Of course this is just my own interpretation of what I feel is "spiritual." 

Would you agree we live in an apparent "outward world?"  One's own body is part of this "outward world?"  We have the ability to know what is subjective (within us), and yet to also be part of the apparent objective (outward) world or universe.  Objectively you see me and I see you.  Subjectively I'm aware of my own emotions and thoughts, as you are of your's, but neither of us are fully aware of each other's inward going's on's of feelings and thoughts.  Would you agree?

We swoon at night only to fall asleep or if one faints, their consiousness leaves the wakeful world for a time.  While passed out or asleep, others in such a state are rarely cognizant of conversations or sounds around them, right? 

And when not dreaming, what then?  If still aseep, hasn't a person entered into the world of deep, dreamless slumber?

This means we live our lives 1/3 awake, 1/3 a'dream and 1/3 stuck in deep, dreamless slumber.  We usually only live our life aware of the first, we call wakefulness.  In the waking state we are usually unaware of the other two. 

I believe "the spiritual" deserves a resting place along side our other 3 states of being... 1) being in a body in the physical, objective world while experiencing A) inward emotions and B) thoughts,,, that can also be experienced in 2) the dream world at night, and finally 3) deep, dreamless slumber where we wake up refreshed the next morning but without an inkling of memory what happened upon awakening).  Without "the spiritual," there would be little to nothing to help guide us, as it were.

As the founder of, this is just as much a place for me to gain and learn from as it may be for anyone else who visits this website.  Thus I have developed a page on this website that may consist of many pages by the time it is finished, dedicated to Sadhana (Spiritual Practices) and the good they can do for myself and other human beings who seek to practice them.  These physical, emotional, mental and ultra-mystic exercises herein are offered as a betterment towards overall health and awareness.  No one is obligated to practice them at all, but this is what Palu Rainbow Song (Paul Beckman) does and I am certainly interested in doing!  This is part of what helps make me, "ME!"  If you also wish to practice any of the exercises seen here, feel perfectly free.

As this is "a work in process," one will have to watch and see as this develops.  For now, this is a start. 

Here are the beginning Sadhana Practices created by Paul Beckman (Palu Rainbow Song) for 2014: The first would be considered more of an Ultra-Mystic Exercise which means we're "jumping the gun."  Nevertheless, it is a crucial exercise easy enough to be carried out constantly, for the rest of your life, to the best of one's ability.

Sadhana Practice for January 1, 2014... Observe yoursef throughout the day and night (every moment for the rest of your wakeful, dream and drealmless slumber life).  Feel as if your are working at witnessing all 3 states of consciousness we interact with daily and nightly (of which we usually are only conscious of one, that being wakefulness).  In so doing, we will help align ourself with the same function our TRUE SELF is already doing, of which so few sentient beings are aware is actually taking place.  Motivate yourself not to judge while observing, yet wanting to act kinder, nobler, and more compassionately in all 3 states than you ever have before (whether awake, a'dream or in deep, dreamless slumber).  By doing this, you wil help bring "the spiritual" into human experience and beyond.