How I Built This Web Site With My Passion And This Process 

How I built this web site is a fascinating story of passion and process.

It all began in 2011 when I was interviewed by Bill Nash, owner of, and I really liked his web site so I chose the SBI software he used to build his site for my site:

It lets me be free to create and invent while following my business plan.
A wonderful combination of passion and process.

SBI is a course in e-business but instead of just learning theory, you are actually building an online business in real time.

I never thought I could do this until I tried SBI!

Here's how I built this web site: I took my passion for invention and creativity and harmononized it with the solid process of the right tools at the right time, and I now have the best of both worlds.

So if you feel this is right for you, give it a try just like Palu.
You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Here's the SBI course that helped me achieve my dreams:
E-business Success. Simple. Real.

The thing I can talk about most is that SBI has granted me the freedom I required when it was necessary for me to create "my" own website, the way "I" wanted to! 

So many times I found myself having to be dependent on others in this "high tech age" who seemed to know more than I did (and they did)... yet everytime someone said they'd build me a website, I'd have to be dependent entirely on them and what "they did."

This gave me no ability to insert my own creativity.  That's what I wanted to do most.  Only SBI gave me this opportunity.  In no time at all I was going on my own, (for only $1.00 a day)!

Peace and love,


It's Time To Take Inventory


It's time to take inventory of the benefits building your own website can make on your psyche.  For me, it is a great relief to be able to finally get something happening and to create whenever I feel like it, whenever the inspiration moves me!

If I want to add an image, I simply add an image!  If I want to add text, I simply add text!  If I want to create words that form a paragraph on whatever subject I'd like to talk about, I can!  If I want to create a headline or a topic at the top of a new paragraph, it's not hard!  All this is saying is that I'm having fun using Solo Build It (Site-Build-It) and am recommending you do the same!

I'm learning that this is also a chance to form a business and grow your business, using Solo Build It.  So for that, it's a double incentive to also get your life together because you're getting other things together.  It's an outlet I'm sure more people would enjoy if they could do it.  I'm going to make it my job to help others so they can.  You can too.  Simply join or register, pay the nominal fee ($1.00 a day) or basically $30 a month and you're on your way.

I believe I will always be building this site for there is no end to what I or anyone can do once you get going!