Palu Rainbow Song
Radio Interview 

On Sunday November 10, 2013, Palu was interviewed live on Green FM radio on "Sounds Like Salt Spring with Bill Nash".  The interview included a live demonstration of my Solar Meditation Bow with Bill as the recipient.  

Also included is a song that I sang and created near the end of the interview that talks about a notion I had to help boost the Salt Spring Island economy and environs.  This has to do with using the special link given to me by "The Dragons Den" of my choosing.  I could use it to help only myself or... I could enable the rest of Salt Spring Island and environs to benefit from it too!

I will begin actively doing this... starting in the new year in 2014 (I thought that was an appropriate time to start)  Even though in my heart I wanted to start sooner, I held off with the exception of offering a few hints now and then of what this is about. 

I still want it to be a surprise, (but the song basically tells all).  Nor is this idea limited to Salt Spring alone (but it's a fine place to start)!  Come January 2014, the idea should no longer have to be kept under raps.  By then a PDF email campaign should be ready to begin underway that will explain it best so each recipient can understand it fully.  The song didn't occur until the end of the interview (as I recollect).




Listen to my November 10, 2013, radio interview on
"Sounds Like Salt Spring with Bill Nash"