Internet Marketing Overload Can Overwhelm A Person!

I signed up once for a free course.  The next thing I knew, my inbox was full of internet marketing stuff.  Now it's become an awful weed that has grown out of proportion I'd like to get rid of, yet there are a few good gems interspersed.  

I've decided to tackle this problem and find a way to "make sense of it all" for myself and others.  In looking to see if some have done the same thing, I did find some efforts by others as well.

If this helps you, I hope it will bring some peace of mind to you.  Due to all the marketing stuff that's out there these days, one never knows.  For instance, I was never quite aware of it until it crept into my life via the Internet.  Once such marketing stuff enters a person's life, it may be too late.  One is then inundated with one marketing scheme after another that just doesn't seem to end... leading to "information overload!"  If followed, some of it could be a great financial boon while most of it just seems to cause headaches.  Eventually the worst of it gets sent to the spam folder.  I don't think they have invented "a scam folder yet!"  

Nonetheless, whereas my "Solar Meditation Bow" is the "real deal," some marketing incentives talked about by marketers might eventually help you earn some income (at least it could get your hopes up that you can).  This is all fairly new to me, yet having been inundated by an overload of marketing pitches all of a sudden, I thought I would pass this on to you..  I feel I should support such a concept. which deals with the very thing I have been trying on my own to deal with, (i..e., going through it all and discriminating between what is on the "up & up" and what should definitely be discarded).

If interested to see what I'm talking about, press the "Click Me" button below.  (You might end up wanting to see what it's all about!)

Click on the picture of Palu you see below to go to one helpful site that attempts to put things in perspective.