Donating $ For Solar Meditation Bow Demos

You are here because you really liked the Solar Meditation Bow demo I or somebody else gave you! If you would like to show your gratitude and appreciation for the Cosmic Moment you had as a result of my kaleidoscope I invented, please donate any amount of money you wish (be it in cents or dollars). 

The growing trend these days is for people to only carry cards with them instead of cash, so it is increasingly becoming more difficult to receive a cash $ donation from people when this happens (as well as the fact that many people also simply do not have any cash at all these days to spare - yet even if somebody has no cash at all, I continue giving demos of my kaleidoscope for free so they are not exempt from enjoying "Higher Consciousness" simply because they have no money).

I have created a diverse range of money donation buttons you can choose from.  Once again, thank you for your supportive money-donation-contribution!  PS - If you wish to become permanent patron and supporter of mine, please click HERE.