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Please click the appropriate link for an update on orders if you ordered your Solar Mediation Bow in 2013 or in 2014:

Solar Meditation Bow Orders In 2013 Carried Over To 2014

Here's an example using a link that also let's you press on an image.  You just replace the link with another link and the image with another image.  Taken from code off Bill Nash's website by him to help me....

View the entire Solar Meditation Bow pitch on Dragons' Den by clicking on this message or picture below
(6 minutes, 52 seconds)!

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(Along with explanations)

The following is in an html block box....

Solar Meditation Bow (Hand Crafted By Palu) 3-8 Weeks Delivery
Enquiries or Questions?
Website Feedback?

Links =
Center =
Bold =
Italicize =
Capitalize =
Break =
Color something a certain color =
Href =
href = Go to this Google Page to learn more... (Copy this link)

This is now a text block.  In it is written the same stuff as was in the Raw HTML box before this, only now you can see how it was written.


Links = <a href="" target="_blank" onclick="return FIX.track(this);"><img src="" width="483"></a>


<B><Center>View the entire Dragons' Den show (Episode 6, Season 8) that includes Palu's SOLAR MEDITATION BOW pitch (6 minutes, 52 seconds).  A Preview of Palu's pitch begins 22 seconds after the start of the whole episode.  Palu's "Solar Meditation Bow" pitch begins at 24 minutes, 44 seconds.  To watch the whole episode in its entirety, just click on the picture below.</B></Center>


<Br>Center =

<Br>Bold =

<Br>Italicize =

<Br>Capitalize =

<Br>Break = <Br>

Color something a certain color =

<Br>Href = <Br>href = Go to this Google Page to learn more... (Copy this link) <br>

Click the picture below for more information about The Solar Meditation Bow (as seen on The Dragons' Den)... and to order!

Click the picture below for more info that will tell you more about href!