Shipping And Handling

Solar Meditation Bow - Shipping And Handling (S&H)

Canada Post mailing fees and rates are ever increasing.  Mail carriers are being let go of and dwindling in number.  Shipping hard goods used to be profitable, yet hardly anymore due to rising postal fees!  Thus, even one Solar Meditation Bow can cost anywhere now from $20 to $30 more in S&H than it used to, depending on where it's going!

To avoid financial losses, a required, flat-out $20 shipping fee and $15 handling cost is necessary.  For additional items gotten, there are greater added-on S&H fees when necessary.  In most cases where only one kaleidoscope is ordered, there should only be a 1-time $35 S&H cost.  If ordering several items from different categories in the future as more hard goods are sold, your Shipping and Handling costs may differ depending on how many items you're buying.  Only the $10 add-on S&H fee is supposed to change with each item added.  There unfortunately seems to be an inefficiency and lack of intelligence of the PayPal Shopping Cart button itself, which is installed on this Website that Palu has noticed.  Until PayPal can rectify this issue, there seems to be little "work-around" in sight * (see the "Troubleshooting Link" below the PayPal Shopping Cart Requester to find out more).  Add 12% tax for BC and Canada.

Expect 3-12 weeks delivery time for your product (in actual fact it could end up being shorter or longer).  This is dependent on many variables and conditions.  

Palu's Solar Meditation Bow is completely hand crafted and could arrive earlier or later, depending.   Feel assured your product will arrive however, when ordered!

As a "one-person-business," these fees are unavoidable and compensate Palu for the work involved putting orders together.  Having Autism makes it slightly more difficult and demanding to fill orders... therefore some patience is required on your part.

It is recommended you buy your SMB directly from Palu in person if possible if you want to avoid any shipping and handling charges.

Simply put, "It’s the cost of doing business in today's world!"

How would you like to pay for your product?

You have your choice between using Cash, Paypal, Credit Card or a Post Office Money Order.

Go to ( and use the Buy Button or Shopping Cart on the Home Page to have most of your financial questions answered.  

List any queries you have for Palu in the space provided on  this website's Buy Button or Shopping Cart Button. Alternatively, use the "Contact Page" on ( or email Palu at if you like.

Thank you.

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